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ipEHR provides an alternative option to store patients’ data in the FileCoin blockchain. It makes data directly accessible by any stakeholder with proper access rights. At the same time data subjects will be able to manage access rights on a personal level. On the other hand, all public data streams are available through the Chainlink network.

A smarter way to store and manage personal medical data


Ultimate control over your medical records

ipEHR guarantees every data subject will have full unalienable control over his data. Medical data processed in HMS is securely stored and treated in compliance with patient-assigned roles and access rights.

Healthcare providers

High availability and enhanced security

ipEHR provides a reliable and secure EHR storage in a vendor and provider independent way with almost zero costs on infrastructure. Get full access to a patient's history provided by third party heathcare providers in a single place.


Trusted & up-to-date source of industry critical data

IpEHR helps to create privacy friendly statistical data per healthcare provider using public oracle network. ipEHR facilitates anonymized information re-use for an industry risk assessment, critical decision making, as well as for medical, social and academic researches.

Development roadmap

  • Milestone 1

    Design and development of MH-ORM and medical data storage structure
    • Design of the medical data storage, according to the typing structures adopted in the openEHR.
    • Design of the index storage. Design of the indexing system that utilises homomorphic encryption and blind indexing algorithm to prevent data decryption during indexing process, hence rooting out related data breaches.
    • Design and implementation of the data encryption methods.
    • Design and implementation of the filtering functionality.
    • Design and implementation of the record creation and update functionality.
    • Development of an API and interfaces to process data.
    • Gathering test data set, extensive testing of the architecture.
  • Milestone 2

    Development of the functionality to access to the data stored in Filecoin
    At this stage we’ll establish close interaction between MH-ORM and Filecoin. We will be adding the encryption functionality and functionality of saving/reading personal data from Filecoin.

    • Integrate Filecoin as a storage for MH-ORM database.
    • Integrate blockchain as a storage for MH-ORM indexes.
    • Develop an algorithm of data re-encryption at the event of revoking or changing access rights for a single user or a group.
    • Design of the chains of records within the storage to ensure the data integrity and authenticity.
    • Run Performance tests and optimisation.
    • Setting up payment logic (for transactions).
  • Milestone 3

    Development of the functionality to manage access on a blockchain level
    This stage is fully dedicated to the development of smart contract that will be managing access rights, and it the way it interacts with an outside world.

    • Research of available blockchains supporting EVM-based smart contracts. EVM will be at the basis of our access management system.
    • Development of the user account catalogue and the user identification mechanism.
    • Embedding information about use access rights in smart contract. Formalising methods of acquiring, setting up and delegating the user rights.
    • Design and development of the encrypted storage to store data access keys. Methods to verify the access rights and acquire the access keys.
    • Design and development of an interface to interact with smart contract. Development of the dedicated library.
  • Milestone 4

    OpenEHR API development and integration with MH-ORM
    MVP will support central user authorisation and matching the existing accounts to their personal keys. In the future security keys can be managed on the application level and data access will be directly through the user application.

    • EHR system core
    • Implementation AQL according to the openEHR protocol. Client applications use for data queries, this way platform can be used by the 3rd party applications supporting the standard.
    • Integration with access rights management system.
    • Integration with MH-ORM.
  • Milestone 5

    Public data publishing
    Data feed of public data to blockchain through chainlink.

    • Develop public data gatherer.
    • Data feed (data provider) node development.
    • Develop smart contract to push public data.
    • Design methods to access data in a gateway.
  • Milestone 6

    Design an development of an application to manage personal medical data and its’ access rights
    Application helping users to manage their personal data and its’ access rights

    • Application design compatible with with web and mobile platforms
    • UI/UX design.
    • Frontend development.
    • Blockchain integration to manage rights.
    • Test case design and development.
    • Testing.
  • Milestone 7

    Testing, Documentation and MVP deployment
    Future solution will process and store sensitive data what automatically implies extended security and solution reliability.

    • Stress testing to find performance bottlenecks.
    • Security audit.
    • Troubleshooting.
    • Creation of the documentation.
    • Release of smart contracts into the main net.
    • MVP release.

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